Friday, September 12

A Day Off and a Comeback

So today wasn't so successful in terms of my wannabe gourmet lifestyle. We had chocolate mug cake for breakfast (my boyfriend had an interview so I made him whatever he wanted) which I'll post the recipe for once I make it a little tastier. Then for lunch we turned more of the leftover veggie mix into another warm veggie wrap (for me) and a quesadilla for him - on a side note it was fantastic with a little cayenne pepper hot sauce. For dinner - boring old pasta and sauce, because I was at my class until around 9pm and just didn't feel like making anything labor intensive.

So to make up for it, I'll be making several very tasty items tomorrow! First on the menu: whole wheat waffles with honey-blackberry syrup. Hopefully the simple recipe I've found works well! I'll post it tonight, and update it tomorrow if I make any changes. So here's the deal:

2 eggs ($0.50)
2 cups milk ($0.50)
1/4 cup applesauce ($0.15)
2 cups whole wheat flour ($0.15)
1/2 tsp salt (negl. $)
1 tbsp baking powder ($0.05)
chocolate shavings/chips (optional, not in nutrition facts)
non-stick spray (negl.$)

1/4 cup honey ($0.25)
1 cup frozen blackberries ($0.75)

total cost = $2.35, not counting the coffee and juice we had (which might add another $1.00 for a total of $3.35)

Mix all the waffle ingredients together, don't forget to spray the waffle iron! Pour into waffle iron until golden brown but not burnt. Spray the iron again before making next waffle! Mix all the syrup ingredients in a pot on the stove, cook on low heat while making the waffles. Serve!

So I'm posting the nutrition facts as well. They may seem a little high in some areas, but keep in mind it includes the syrup - so if you don't want that much sugar, eat it plain (boooring!). Also, I've set the serving size a little on the small side because I won't eat a ton - my boyfriend on the other hand will have probably 3 or 4 "servings". So just take this as guidance, not absolute. Also to make it even better, you can use skim milk (I'm using 2%) or cholesterol free egg substitute.

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